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Netgear (In)Security and their Failed Remote Management

I’ve been having issues with some home networking equipment and decided that after a couple of years, I needed to make some updates. I did my research and ultimately settled on the Netgear R8000. Not just because it looks dead sexy or because it’s called the Nighthawk, but because it had really great reviews and […]

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Why I am Skipping the PCI Community Meeting

I know, you guys have given me crap for so long. “Suuuure you are going to skip this year. Whatever, Brando, see you in X city at  happy hour.” This has been the discussion over the last few years, and every year I have made my way to the city in question going back to […]

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My Tea Journey, so far!

Many years ago, I started a long journey into the world of tea. I still consider myself a n00b, but a no0b who knows what he likes and is not afraid to try something new. A friend of mine was asking about my tea obsession so I ended up putting together this long email that […]

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Just wait, Millennials… Gen-Z is coming.

I was at a panel discussion with a large group of Dallas-based executives last Friday when a panelist mentioned a term that many of us cringe at: Millennials. I’m one of those kiddos that is nearly straddling two generations (Gen-X and Gen-Y/Millennials), and identify with both generations as a technologist. Many of my peers that […]

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If you really want to learn, you need to launch

Last week I launched the Straight Talk for Leaders Executive Course. In some ways, it felt like I finally launched. It also felt like I was pushing sooner than I was ready. Both are right. I finally answered the call to offer online training for the Straight Talk Framework. To get started, I followed the concept […]

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Affective Forecasting Strikes Again!

Oh yes, that’s a real thing even if YOUR browser thinks “affective” is not a word and shames it with a red squiggly. Affective forecasting is the act of predicting an emotional reaction to some hypothetical future event. We use it frequently. Have you ever filled out a survey that asked you how likely you […]

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