Will a Government Contractor Make the Wall of Shame over Tape Backups?

“Shut Up!..” as JB Smith would say.  I must ask “Are you still crazy after all these years”?  All healthcare Covered Entities and their Business Associates and (soon) subcontractors will need to, like ah um, securely backup our ePHI.

The HIPAA Security Final Rule has very clear Implementation Specifications (under 45 CFR 164.308(a)(7) Contingency Plan) about “…creating and maintaining retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information…”  Yet, these and other jackapples out there are still backing up ePHI to magnetic tapes .  “Lost Military Backup Tapes Results in HIPAA Violation Affecting 4.9 Million”. Learn more…

Then, there’s that pesky encryption thing.  It’s really cute that organizations are still using tape backups.  So, let’s cut to the chase and provide some solutions (call me for 100 more reasons).

Quaint Tape Backups

Check out:

So, button down the data backup Implementation Specification.  For many organizations, it may represent the very last line of defense.

Secure online data backup and recovery takes away the headaches, risks and hassles associated with tape backups.  Learn more now http://DataMountain.com.

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