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7 Strategic Givens for CISOs on Foreign State Threats to IP/Trade Secrets

If you’re responsible for protecting your company’s Intellectual Property or Trade Secrets from Cyberattacks, you can improve your by understanding some of the key Strategic givens I’ve found at my Fortune 500 clients on Nation-State Adversaries. I assist companies and organizations that are dealing with known compromises or companies that suspect they have been compromised.  […]

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700,000+ HIPAA Covered Entities in the US; almost 90,000 pharmacies must comply

In a recent White Paper by Squire Sanders entitled: “Update on Privacy and Security Issues for Retail Pharmacies”, the firm addresses recent developments regarding data privacy, including data mining, enhanced enforcement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), breach notification requirements and new HIPAA regulations, with a specific focus on Retail Pharmacies. Benefit from our expertise; prepare for the audits!

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Boost Your Reputation with an Effective Privacy Policy

A recent PWC survey showed that the right privacy procedures can provide an easy boost in patient confidence and satisfaction.

As health-related information breaches regularly hit the headlines, it is obvious that they can cause bad publicity and hurt an organization’s reputation. The important question though is whether good privacy policies can do the opposite and actually benefit a business.

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We Agree with Mr. Rodriguez – How to Prepare for HIPAA Audits

In a recent post by Howard Anderson entitled: “Permanent HIPAA Audit Program Coming”, Howard quoted Leon Rodriguez, Director of the Office for Civil Rights on several practical, actionable steps organizations must take now to prepare for the upcoming HIPAA OCR/KPMG audits. Let’s compare our respective recommendations. Benefit from our expertise; prepare for the audits! …

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