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Spotting and Avoiding Cyber Security Threats in 2012

This year, the need for proper IT security protocols is growing. Hackers are getting smarter, not just about their methods but about their targets, going after high end businesses and organizations.

Current predictions are that the frequency, complexity and volume of cyber attacks will increase in 2012. In a recent article, Solaris Networks has pinpointed the top five areas where these threats may take place so that businesses can then fight against them.

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How to Conduct a Meaningful Use Risk Analysis

The concepts of risk, threats, vulnerabilities, impact, likelihood and many others are explained in this webinar. A classic categorization of risks into a matrix is explored. This webinar helps you determine your risks, categorize them as Low, Medium, High or Critical and then develop a risk remediation action plan.

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HIPAA Security Leaks More Likely

A recent study by the Ponemon Institute has found that information breaches have risen during 2011. Mistakes in employee behavior and the use of technology are currently putting the personal details of a wide number of individuals at risk.

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2012: A Brighter Year for HIPAA

2011 featured a large number of negative headlines involving data breaches and million dollar law suits. To rectify this, HCPro Inc. wants to draw attention to the brighter side of the HIPAA by publishing a series of positive stories throughout the coming year.

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How to Develop Your HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures

Are you prepared to meet new HIPAA Security Rule compliance requirements mandating a very defined set of over 50 policies and procedures to manage Administrative, Physical and Technical safeguards for PHI? Upcoming KPMG HIPAA audits will very likely include close review of your Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures. Learn how to get them in place and operational quickly…

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HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Tips – What’s a Vulnerability?

In determining whether risk exists, three key ingredients are required: 1) an asset; 2) a threat to that asset; and, 3) a vulnerability that the threat may exploit or trigger. An adapted definition of vulberability, from NIST SP 800-30, is “[a] flaw or weakness in system security procedures, design, implementation, or internal controls that could be exercised (accidentally triggered or intentionally exploited) and result in a security breach or a violation of the system’s security policy.” Here’s today’s big tip – Learn how to define and identify threats!

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