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What Business Associates and Subcontractors Need to Know about HIPAA

Business Associates (BAs) of Covered Entities under HIPAA, became statutorily obligated to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule in February 2010, a year after the HITECH Act was passed. Additionally, the Final Rule, published in the Federal Register on January 25, 2013, extends the definition of “business associate” to include a “subcontractor that creates, receives, maintains, or transmits protected health information on behalf of the business associate.” The Final Rule is effective on March 26, 2013. Covered entities and business associates of all sizes will have 180 days beyond the effective date to come into compliance with most of the Final Rule’s provisions. Most BAs and their Agents/Subcontractors are not compliant and many don’t know where to start. Do you? If you create, receive, maintain or transmit electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), you should attend this webinar to learn more about What Business Associates and Subcontractors Need to Know About HIPAA.

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It’s Here! Omnibus Final Rule.

The Omnibus Final Rule was sent to the Office of Management and Budget in March 2012. Most everyone expected it to be published in the Federal Register in June 2012. Not in an election year!

But according to the HHS News Release today, “the final omnibus rule greatly enhances a patient’s privacy protections, provides individuals new rights to their health information, and strengthens the government’s ability to enforce the law.”

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How the HITECH Act Raised the Ante for HIPAA Compliance

Did you know there are fifteen significant ways in which The HITECH Act changes privacy and security provisions in the original HIPAA regulations? These changes have major financial, operational and legal risk management consequences for all hospitals, medical practices, health plans, and now their business associates and some vendors and service providers that were not previously considered BAs. If you create, receive, maintain or transmit electronic protected health information, you can’t miss this informative, live webinar.

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What ever happened to professional courtesy?

This is a bit of a rant and has nothing to do with Information Security so if you want to move on I’ll understand. I’ve noticed lately that professional courtesy has taken a nose dive. Some examples from both work and outside of work. At work I deal with colleagues from all over the world. […]

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