Archive | October, 2016

Do you qualify for this team approach to Straight Talk?

What if you could solve a pressing team challenge while developing individual ability to use the Straight Talk Framework? If your team qualifies – get this new team approach added to your Straight Talk Experience for no extra charge. The Straight Talk Framework solves problems where friction creeps in and destroys value. The best way to learn […]

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Leadership Course Experience: What to Expect

I know leaders are busy. Faced with the opportunity to engage in a course to improve your leadership and communication creates a natural reaction: “I know I need to take that training, but I just don’t have time. I’m too busy.” Leaders that invest in themselves set the standard for the people around them. But […]

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Get started with the Straight Talk Framework

The Straight Talk Framework brings people together to knock down barriers and build connections. Take out the friction getting in the way of success to get results. It offers clarity of focus, priority of action, and confidence in the best next step. Straight Talk – as a concept – is plain and simple language. Nothing fancy. Take […]

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