Archive | March, 2017

Security and Usability

I’ve become very focused on the nexus between security and usability. I was interviewed for an article in The Guardian last year. “Security needs to learn from design by doing focus groups, having conversations and putting itself in the perspective of the people who will use this system,” he said, adding that it isn’t the […]

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More Printer Security Talk

If you don’t have the context, read my previous post on comparing printers to VoIP—i.e., it’s another computer on our network. Now that you are in the right mindset, look around your office and see if you see a printer sitting somewhere. It might even do copies, scanning, and faxing. Super fancy ones might even […]

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That Printer is gonna GIT ya!

Of all of the devices we have out there on our networks, is it going to be printers, cameras, and thermostats that cause our undoing? “Wait… did you say, PRINTERS!?! Are you off your rocker, Brando?” Do Not Turn The Copier Off, by Michael Pereckas That was one of the key warnings that came from […]

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